BSPS Guest seminar with Dr. Laura Bowater

BSPS is hosting a new seminar on Wednesday, 23rd of July. “Communicating Science Facts and Fictions” by Dr. Laura Bowater. 

Laura  began her acadmic career at the University of Dundee graduating with an MSc and a PhD in microbial biochemistry before continuing her scientific research at the John Innes Centre. Currently she teaches medical sciences at the Norwich Medical School.

Laura will tell her story about her journey from a PhD student to a Senior Lecturer and a passionate Science Communicator. Communicating science is a rapidly expanding area and meaningful engagement between scientists and the public has become increasingly important. Laura is keen to inspire people to be more creative within their own roles and she will offer an insight into the benefits that science communication and public engagement has brought to her own career.

She will describe the personal opportunities that have arisen including, developing innovative teaching approaches (such as science fact and science fiction), authoring books and papers, becoming an Editor for Microbiology Today and organizing, funding and delivering scientific events and activities. Recently Laura has developed a keen interest in antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, which she will describe during this session.


Refreshments will be served the seminary. More details to come soon