Raining over the BBQ

By Emily Farthing

Because you always have to expect the unexpected

Last Friday marked the annual BSPS BBQ. I’m not sure you can call something a tradition after only happening twice, but for the second year running we hoped it would be the perfect opportunity for a summer time mixer for the inhabitants of Building 85. And it was – we had a great turn out, from post grads to PIs, undergrads to research staff.

What also turned up for the second year running, however, were 2 hours of torrential downpours. True to form, though, everyone mucked in and huddled like penguins under the gazebo, enjoying a range of lovely barbequed treats. Kudos to TaylorLab for providing said gazebo, and hats off to our keen albeit slightly soggy chefs.

At this kind of thing it’s always better to have too much than not enough. (Incidentally, if anyone would like to purchase any multipacks of sausages then please contact your nearest BSPS rep.) This is fortunate since we now have approximately 84 hot dog finger rolls left. Our house full of students is now trying to find exciting ways to use this up without resorting to endless bread and jam or freezing everything for later.

So as well as sandwiches and as an accompaniment to ratatouille, we’ve also made some pretty decent bread and butter pudding, and I think pizza rolls are on the menu tonight.

A quick Google tells me there are LOADS of different takes on bread and butter pudding, which makes me very happy – I quite like the sound of coconut, banana and lime bread pudding, you can find it here.

But it’s possible my waist line will regret this. So it may end up being a lucky day for the ducks down at Riverside Park after all!


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