The January Blues

By Prutha Patel

The first few weeks back at work after Christmas break can be difficult

Welcome back to another year in building 85! On behalf of BSPS, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. The Christmas break is exactly what we needed, with a hectic term we were all ready to relax.


Christmas break is a time to spend with family and friends eating copious amounts of FREE food, which has surely distorted our sense of normality. The oversleeping and overeating is enjoyable until January creeps up on us, reminding us of the reality we have to face. But you’re not alone! We all suffer from the January blues. Yes, this is a real thing and nearly everyone gets them. The first few weeks back at work after Christmas break can be difficult. But don’t worry we have you covered! This year BSPS has a whole list of social to make us forget the stress of lab work and write up. From mid-week meals and pub quizzes, there is something for everyone. Lets not forget, we’re all on the same boat.

So here are 4 ways to beat the January Blues!


  • gymcatTry some little exercise – not only will this help you feel better if you’ve overindulged (like me!), but the endorphins released during light exercise can make you feel happy and healthy. Need some encouragement? – Grab some friends or a co-worker and try something new!


  • Plan ahead – It’s a new year and you have some new goals, from getting results, to publishing a paper, to just being good at science. Setting your self little goals makes it easier and manageable.


  • Go outside! – Many of us enter the building and don’t leave till 5pm. Fresh air and a stroll outside can freshen – did you know the staff club is a great place to relax. Lets not forget the great cakes and puds!


  • Plan your next holiday – With loads of January offers, it’s easy to get away for a few days, be it in the UK or aboard. Planning your next trip gives you something to look forward to, especially when you end up working late or on the weekends!


Finally, remember, only 354 days till Christmas!


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