Social Events

Having fun is an important factor for postgraduate students at the University of Southampton, and BSPS is fully aware of this.


As part of fresher’s week, BSPS invites the students to a Meal and Mingle event in selected establishments across the city.



The social component of BSPS continues throughout the academic year. We organize a Christmas Dinner for all the members of the society before the holiday break, and during the summer we also celebrate with a barbecue.


During the year 2014, BSPS is hosting the SUSU Postgraduate Quiz Night. One Thursday night per month postgrads form teams and play in one of the campus’s pubs, facing questions from a wide range of topics. The winning team takes the pot of all the participants’ entry fees, £1 per person. This event is open to all the postgraduates at the university.


These are just a few examples of the broad collection of events BSPS hosts and we welcome suggestions for any additional events our member would like to see put on.