About us

BSPS was founded in 2013 for supporting and representing the biology postgraduate students of the University of Southampton.

We know that pursuing a high degree is a stimulating, yet challenging career. We also are aware that for many of our students this means starting a life at a new University, and sometimes in a new Country. Every new postgraduate student who joins the faculty automatically gets a free membership with the society. Our aim is to provide these students with a community of likeminded peers and friends who will provide support for them throughout their time here at the University of Southampton. We do this by organising both social and educational events , to improve both their academic and scientific skills and to introduce them to the social side of being a postgraduate student.

We work hard to help students by providing for and listening to their needs. However, we are a new society and know we have room for improvement, and because of that we would very much appreciate any feedback you may provide us with.

BSPS is officially affiliated  with the Southampton University Students Union (SUSU), declaring its budget and with its Constitution approved.

Please feel free to browse around the website to find out more about us, how to get involved and upcoming events!